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  8:00   Holy Eucharist - Rite I
10:00   Holy Eucharist - Rite II
            Children's Sunday School
11:00   Coffee Hour
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St. Paul's is People
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has been at the heart of Henderson since its founding on the eve of All Saints' 1831. Though St. Paul’s has been expanded since its consecration in 1860, the beauty and holiness of our worship space at the corner of Center and Green still comforts and challenges the congregation and awes visitors.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is much more, however, than the bricks and mortar, the plaster and lath, or even the brass and wood. St. Paul’s is the people who have worshipped and prayed, learned and grown, cared and served for over a century and three-quarters.
St. Paul’s is people who worship in the cadences that brought the English language to its flower, with prayers that have changed little in the centuries since the English Reformation, far from vain repetition but filled with the power of the prayers of the great cloud of witnesses that have lit the path into the future. And St. Paul’s is people who in their worship balance the reading and commentary on Holy Scripture with participation in the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion by which we are connected in a very real way with the Body of Christ.
St. Paul’s is people who are very much aware that any one human being does not have all the answers, nor possess all the truth, that growth toward a fuller understanding of God is only to be achieved by wrestling with Scripture, and sometimes with one another. And St. Paul’s is people who are nonetheless convinced that the truth is indeed to be found in such struggle and growth, that our Creator and Redeemer reveals himself to us in Scripture, in the traditions of the Church, and the Spirit enlightened reason that makes us children of God.
St. Paul’s is people who find ways to serve Christ by serving one another in times of joy and celebration with good food and good friends, with conversation and with laughter, and by serving one another in times of sorrow and challenge with all those same things. And St. Paul’s is people who reach out generously, with their resources and with their own hands, to share the gifts that God has given with the community, with the nation, and with the world.
St. Paul’s is people from the sixth and seventh generation of families who call this their spiritual home, who have, through these many years, helped build this Church and helped build Henderson. And St. Paul’s is people who have come to this community as recently as yesterday and have found here a place of challenge and of rest, a place of journey and the comfort of home.