Sunday Worship

  8:00   Holy Eucharist - Rite I
10:00   Holy Eucharist - Rite II
            Children's Sunday School
11:00   Coffee Hour
Welcome to St. Paul's Episcopal Church
from the Very Rev. Rich Martindale, Rector
Welcome to the home of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Henderson on the web - we're glad you're here!

Maybe you are looking for a new worship experience or a new place to call home. Maybe you're moving to the Henderson area and hoping to reconnect with the Episcopal Church. Or maybe you're already a member of St. Paul's and looking for the information that we try to keep current on this site. Whatever your purpose for landing at we hope that these pages give you a picture of who we are at St. Paul's and how you can be a part of our Parish Family. 

We are an incredibly diverse family made up of people young and old; farmers, factory workers, homemakers and executives; "cradle  Episcopalians" and folks who just came to the Church this week. You may sit next to someone who dresses up in "church clothes" and you might be behind someone more comfortable in their shorts and sandals. Some of us would call ourself conservative, some of us wouldn't flinch to be called liberal. We ALL call ourselves Christians, knowing that our differences make us richer and our common faith makes us stronger. As we gather to hear the Word of God and receive the Sacraments with which he has blessed the Church, we find in Jesus Christ the vision to see the possibilities of his love, the strength to give our own hands to do his work in the world, and the peace of knowing that we are forgiven, loved and free.

Seeker, saint, sinner, or cynic, we hope that you find what you're looking for here, and we are glad you came. Come back as often as it's helpful. And come visit us in person at the corner of Center and Green in downtown Henderson. We've been here since 1831, and we'll be here to welcome you through these blessed red doors.

God bless you with the peace and joy of Jesus Christ,